Reaching the city

By sending Kingdom laborers locally.

Through CFC Summer school and collaboration with various
local organizations, we desire to reach the city with the love of Jesus Christ.

CFC Summer School

From our humble beginnings with a small group of Sunday School students, CFC Summer School has become a five-week program, which includes many children from the community as well. We continue to strive for a quality program (four week academic and one week VBS curriculum) through which we actively participate in domestic missions. Our purpose is teach and train all attending children the Gospel to ultimately impact generations to come.

Overseeing Administration: Sarah Choi, Mike Park

Local Engagement

We are thankful for the many local partnerships we have in Champaign-Urbana. Whether it is with Salt and Light Ministry ( or with the school districts and other community leaders, we believe that Kingdom collaboration and oneness is important to reach the city for the glory of God.

Though our local volunteer efforts have paused because of Covid-19, let us continue to pray for our community.