Leadership Updates

January 21, 2022

Dear CFC Family:

GRACE has put up a sign-up form for their Listening Circles.  The following is an excerpt from their Cultural Assessment Process document:

"GRACE is launching listening circles for current and former CFC members to speak directly with the assessment team in groups of no more than eight (8). Listening Circles will start on Saturday, February 19, 2022. During listening circles, GRACE’s assessment team will introduce themselves, explain the assessment process, and listen to all the information provided by the members of each listening circle... GRACE will try to accommodate Listening Circle participants' preferences noted in the form. GRACE is also inviting current and former members to self-organize Listening Circles by emailing Jessa@netgrace.org with the contact information for their group. 

Listening circles will be “on background only” as a default, but members may request that the information they specifically provide be kept “off the record” or put “on the record” at any time.
● “Off the record” means GRACE will not use any information shared with us in the final report but the information will be used to inform our ongoing assessment.
“On background only” means GRACE may generally use the information in the final report, but will not specifically identify the source of the information or use any quotes.
“On the record” means GRACE may quote the information in the final report, but will not identify the source of the information without written consent."

If you wish to self-organize a Listening Circle, please have each member of your group sign-up and specify the same date and time slots to ensure that they end up in the same Listening Circle.  If you have problems with scheduling, please email Jessa@netgrace.org with the names and email address of the group that you wish to participate with and the desired date and time.

GRACE is also reaching out to schedule one-on-one interviews with anyone who would like to share about their experiences but in a setting more private than a Listening Circle.

If you are interested in participating in a GRACE listening circle or interviews, please follow the instructions as indicated in the links provided above.

Thank you for your prayerful and thoughtful participation in this process.

The Oversight Board