Leadership Updates

September 17, 2021

Dear CFC Family,

We wanted to give you some updates of some happenings in the life of the church.

GRACE update
As we mentioned in a previous update, we were hoping for GRACE to start their work on August 15th but were informed that they were still in the process of forming a team.  

On August 25th, we were notified by the executive director that the team was finalized.  We were told that there would be two people on the assessment team so that there will always be a second set of eyes.  One team member will be male, and the other female.  They are both attorneys, though they will not be acting as attorneys for the purpose of this assessment. They are true experts and speak nationally on power dynamics, patterns and effects of abuse, the intersection of faith and abuse, and the organizational and cultural components that may leave a community vulnerable to abuse.

I will be meeting with the team in the coming week and discussing the logistics and moving forward with the assessment.  

They have made it clear:
-This is an independent assessment. That means that we will not receive much specific information prior to the final Executive Summary.
-They will show us the survey ahead of time and accept input, but the assessment team makes the final call on survey questions.
-They will accept your recommendations on people to interview, but the assessment team makes the final call on whom to interview.
-While they have no indications that any of these will occur, they want to make sure everyone is aware that if a report is made to police, police open an investigation, or they are aware of intent for a civil suit, the assessment pauses immediately until those situations are resolved.
-As a reminder, this is an assessment and not an investigation. Part of the assessment does involve looking at CFC's response to previous abuse allegations, but the scope outlines that the assessment is broader than just that one factor. If they discover an allegation that prompts a mandated report (most commonly a child protection concern), they will make a mandated report. If they discover other alleged misconduct that has not been investigated, they will mention this in the assessment and possibly make a recommendation about following up on that misconduct, but they will not investigate it as part of this assessment.

Oversight Board election and nomination:
From August 8th, 2021 until August 14th, 2021 we received nominations for candidates for the Oversight Board.

-Fulfill qualifications according to 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.  
-Must be a member of the church
-Have prior leadership experience within CFC and demonstrated effectiveness in ministry settings
Must have been a member of CFC for at least ten years.  [Note:  This policy was installed by the SLT when we first considered OB candidates.  We announced that once we have an official board, we will be able revisit this policy.]

We shared at the membership meeting on August 8 that for a candidate to be considered, they must have at least two nominations.

There were 12 total candidates that were nominated.  

Three candidates did not meet the requirements [two of the candidates only received one nomination and one candidate was not a part of CFC for 10 years].

Of the nine candidates, five declined.

The four candidates that were presented to the members to vote on were:

Peter Hahn
John Kim
Albert Lee
Phil Su

A simple majority vote [per BCO 24-3] is required for election.  Each of the candidates received at least 90% votes in favor of.  Upon the election of the Board, we installed them as Oversight Board members at the congregation meeting on September 12th, 2021.

Undergraduate Kick Off
The undergraduate ministry had a kickoff event on September 9, 2021.  We broke up into smaller groups and ate pizza and discussed some ice breaker type of questions.  At the event we also heard some updates concerning the undergraduate small groups:

-We will not be having four separate areas but will have one undergraduate area.  This is primarily because most of those that had signed up for undergraduate small groups already live in apartments.  
-We will also be offering an integrated/combined small group for all stages of life to learn from one another [undergraduates, graduate students, young adults, and adults are all welcome to join].
-Bible study material will not be based off sermons preached but rather we will be going through material from a reputable publisher

We are hoping for small groups to start meeting on September 27th.

Please join us in prayer that God would bless His church and His people.


KJ on behalf of the Oversight Board