Leadership Updates

July 14, 2021

Dear CFC Family,

For the last eight weeks, The Center Consulting Group has worked exhaustively on our behalf, conducting interviews and gathering data so as to help us bring truth to the current issues we face as a church. We wanted to give a summary of what was covered in our most recent church meeting that was held on July 11, 2021.

The first part of the meeting was spent with an explanation of all that the Center has done.

1. Center Consulting Work
  • Leadership Coaching- They have provided leadership coaching for the pastors to learn, grow, and thrive.
  • Church wide survey- A church health survey was given to everyone who registered in a small group from Fall 2020 - Spring 2021.  Of the surveys that were sent, 182 individuals responded.  The age breakdown of the respondents are as follows:
41% were between 18-24
27% were between 25-34
17% were between 35-44
13% were between 45-54
(53% were female and 47% were male)
  • One on One interviews- Fifteen one-on-one interviews were conducted with various men and women of our church who were of diverse age and stages of life.  
  • Financial audit- Through the help of the Center, we have contracted with DetweilerHershey, an accounting firm that specializes in audit and attest functions, to perform an audit on our ongoing financial process and operation, and our finances. Based on their assessment and recommendations we will implement best practices in how we handle our finances.  
  • Oversight Board Coaching- They have provided coaching for our Oversight Board members.
  • GRACE ministries- Through the help of the Center, we were able to partner with GRACE ministries to help assess our culture.

2. GRACE ministries update
The mission of GRACE is to empower Christian communities to recognize, prevent, and respond to abuse of all kinds.  Our hearts are broken by stories of people that may have been hurt during their time at CFC.  We want to help and properly respond to those that are still hurting but we honestly do not feel equipped to do so on our own.  We also humbly acknowledge our part in making some feel distrustful and even afraid to share with leadership directly and so we are leaning on GRACE to open up doors for us to be able to help people recover and heal and to help us recognize ways we have fallen short.   We are committed to doing better as a church moving forward in becoming a safe place that will deal quickly and appropriately to support victims of trauma and abuse.

We have chosen to contract with GRACE because they specialize in abuse. They will look into and assess the existence, amount, and level of abuse that there may have been or still is at CFC.

Our understanding is that they will:
  • conduct a survey to gain a pulse of our organizational culture
  • interview individuals with personal experiences or information of abuse
  • gather data to assess the culture
  • pinpoint specific areas of organizational growth
  • present the findings and offer recommendations for the organization to better meet the needs of those under our care.

We are excited to work with GRACE because they will be able to give an objective evaluation. As an independent group, they will provide us with a fresh perspective on our church culture, organization and practices and will also take a comprehensive look into all of the allegations.  Any past and current attendees of CFC will have the opportunity to speak to GRACE and to share their story.  We truly hope that you do and we will do all that we can to make that happen.

GRACE recommends that our church begin with a cultural assessment since it will cover a broader spectrum of issues. If they find any specific incidents that need to be investigated, they can do that accordingly.  
Ideally we would have wanted them to start earlier, but they will not be able to begin until August 15 because of their current caseload. In talking with the representatives from GRACE, they have shared that the assessment usually takes about 6 months to a year.  Upon their completion, they will give a final report, which we will make available on our website.  Included in the final report will be suggestions on how we can make changes and address certain issues.

Please know that once this assessment and evaluation begins you will be able to share your story and struggles in a safe and protected environment.  As we near August 15th and receive more explicit guidance from GRACE, we will provide another leadership update with specific details on how you can contact GRACE.

We completely understand if some might find it difficult to share their story or even trust the Oversight Board at this point, but if any who would like to share your stories with us directly, we promise to listen with compassion.  If you have stories of hurt or abuse and would like to share your stories directly with us, we are here for you.  We can be available to you. Please email us at oversightboard@cfchome.org.

Thank you for your patience during this process and we humbly ask for your prayers. We continue to be thankful and hopeful for what our God can and will do as stories and truth no longer remain hidden but come into His glorious Light.

 3. Center’s observations and recommendations based on their initial findings of the survey and interviews
  1. An acknowledge of past hurts and the need for healing and reconciliation
  2. Increase leadership communication
  3. Complete the CFC church membership plan
  4. Finalize CFC as a particular church with PCA
  5. Secure a permanent location for public gatherings [own or rental]
  6. Determine pastoral model of leadership/finalize job descriptions
  7. GRACE Ministries Church Assessment [August 2021]
  8. Complete Updated Vision, Mission, and Cultural Core Values of CFC
  9. Increase CFC Staffing [Pastors and Staff]
  10. Priority Based Action Plan [The work of ministry]
  11. Increase pastoral care
  12. Public report of findings and next steps [After GRACE ministries]
  13. You [Time, Talent, and Treasure]

We are looking forward to the full report that the Center will give, upon the completion of the GRACE report.

In an effort to improve our level of communication, we are committing to giving updates bi-monthly on our website through the month of October.

Pastor KJ on behalf of The Oversight Board