Special Bible Study Classes

Spring 2021

Deepen your love for God and His Word through special Bible study classes.


Instructor: Peter Hahn
Feb 14, 21, 28, Mar 7 | 1pm-2:30pm

“Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. 
The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.” 
– C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis infers that the claims of the Bible and Jesus Christ are so earth-shaking and life-altering – that we cannot settle with being indifferent towards them. Thus, the claims of the Christian faith are at the very least...worth investigating. So we invite people of any type of background to come and investigate the Christian faith together with us in a welcoming environment where you can come with any and every question or concern. Our hope is that you’ll walk away with a clear understanding of what the Christian faith is – so you can decide for yourself whether Christianity will be to you “of no importance”... or “of infinite importance.


Instructor: Pastor Tim Rhee
Mar 28, Apr 11, 18, 25 | 1pm-2:30pm

**All classes will be held on Zoom

“If I were the devil,” writes J.I. Packer, “one of my first aims would be to stop folks from digging into the Bible. Knowing that it is the Word of God teaching men to know and love and serve the God of the Word, I should do all I could to surround it with the spiritual equivalent of pits, thorn hedges, and man traps, to frighten people off.” Perhaps you’ve felt caught in some of these very traps, as you attempt to study God’s Word: “How does this passage have any relevance to my life?”“How do I know when the Bible is speaking literally or figuratively?” Through lectures, discussions, homework, and quizzes, UBS will teach you the basic skills you need for effective Bible Study. Whether a new Christian or an advanced Bible student, this seminar will be of help to you.