Leadership Updates

September 2, 2021

Dear CFC Family,
Thank you for your continued prayers for CFC. As church leaders, we want to balance the tension of moving our church forward and still caring for those that are still hurt and grieving because grieving takes time. We want to walk alongside you and help. As we shared with you in July, we are planning on working closely with Karen Simms, who is the founding director of Trauma & Resilience Initiative, Inc. Karen is local to Champaign-Urbana and is an experienced and licensed mental health counselor with a special focus on trauma and trauma informed care. She has helped many individuals, families, schools, non-profits, churches, and organizations.

She will be offering three different sessions on September 11, 18, and 25.

Session 1: A Process for Congregational Healing and Hope when Trauma Hits Home
This is a workshop that is open to all and will provide participants with basic information about the impact of abuse and trauma on individuals, families and congregations. During the workshop we will discuss and explore effective healing strategies that promote healing and resilience. Participants will also receive information and resources that individuals and loved ones can use to support and assist them in their ongoing healing process.

Session 2:
This session will be specifically for people that have experienced various forms of trauma.  

Session 3:
In this session, Karen will meet with leaders in the church who will be most closely involved in long term healing strategies.  

If you are interested in attending, please sign up at cfchome.org/karen-simms

As a leadership, we want to listen to the hurting, affirm the broken, and defend the weak. We long to be a church that grows in compassion and empathy.


Pastor KJ on behalf of the Oversight Board