Leadership Updates

Updated as of June 17, 2021
Dear CFC Family,

These past two years we have struggled together through disruptive chaos that has affected our church in unimaginable ways. Coupled with a pandemic, these experiences have been magnified. We are in a crisis.

Through this, what God has brought up to the surface is a deep-seeded pain that we as the CFC leadership want to acknowledge. Our hearts are grieved. We grieve for those who are hurting because of what they have experienced at CFC. We are praying that God will bring you healing.

Out of this crisis, we find hope that God loves His people and His Church. In this refining time, we believe that God has entrusted the Oversight Board to help lead and to direct this church back to a direction that allows us to regain our footing and to refocus our eyes on Jesus. We believe that God is sanctifying us and rebuilding us for our good and His glory.  We also believe that God will continue to use CFC to build the kingdom here in Champaign and around the world. The hope of the Gospel is what we desire most for CFC.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, we are thankful for your partnership and your love for His Church. Looking forward, the Oversight Board will maintain a clear and transparent line of communication through the church website.

Praying for each of you.  

The Oversight Board